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New Jersey has Made substantial efforts to be a leader in clean energy

EV Charger Rebate Information

This article explores how to participate in a rebate incentive program for New Jersey consumers and business owners, as well as general EV charger rebate information. In addition to the U.S.

Climate Alliance and joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, New Jersey has some of the strongest incentives for the electrification of vehicles.

If you are thinking about purchasing EV charging equipment for your or your company's electric car(s), now is a great time to act and benefit from generous government cash rebates.

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EV Charger Rebate NJ

EV charger rebate information for New Jersey residents

If you're looking to purchase a new EV charger, you may be interested in the state's EV Drive rebate program. This program is designed to help make charging stations more affordable for consumers by providing incentives for purchasing an eligible device and installing it at your home or business.

We'll take a look at some of the key details about this rebate program, including who and what qualifies for rebates and how much you might expect to get back on your purchase.

Qualifying for the EV Driven incentive program

The EV Driven New Jersey incentive program offers rebates for the installation of EV charging stations. The program is administered by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and is available to both residential and commercial properties. For you or your enterprise to be eligible for the EV Driven incentive program, you must meet the following requirements:


Be a resident of and/or working in New Jersey. (Note: non-resident employees of companies located in New Jersey are also eligible as long as they own their plug-in vehicle.)


Be 18 years or older, a US citizen or permanent resident with a valid driver's license.


Own a plug-in electric vehicle that is equal to or less than 40 feet long (e.g., Tesla Model S).


If you own your own house, install an available residential charger at your home within one year after receiving your EV Driver's License from NJDOTMVC. 


The cash benefits of the EV Driven New Jersey incentive program

Residential customers can receive up to $1,500 in incentives for customer electrical upgrades necessary to install an electric vehicle charging station (EVCS). The amount depends on your property size and whether you're adding a new circuit or upgrading an existing one.

If you plan on installing more than one EVCS per premise, you can apply for multiple rebates on each site with a maximum rebate amount of $6,700 total per property type (residential/commercial).

EV charging stations are a wise investment, offering turn-key solutions

If you own a fleet of vehicles that need to be recharged frequently or you live in an area with many electric vehicles, the installation of a public EV charging station is a forward-thinking investment. It can help streamline employee commutes, encourage other businesses in the area to adopt similar policies, and help your community transition to a greener future.

Some of the key benefits of investing in EV charging stations include:

  • The operation of an EV charging station is simple; anyone who knows how to plug in a USB cable can do it themselves with minimal effort and training—making it easy for you, your employees, or customers who want some extra incentive to purchase and use renewable transportation.
  • Your EV charger can run on solar panels, so there's no need for electricity outages due to storm damage or having to rely solely on the power grid.

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